Imagine a Monday morning. You never touch the snooze button on your alarm clock. Instead, you jump out of bed, excited about your day, because you are spending more time being deeply, truly involved with work that energizes you instead of depletes you.

You are, for the first time, really seeing the possibility of living the life you had always wanted. You are actually doing something meaningful in the world and creating positive impact - best of all, doing so while standing in your authentic power.

The ability to create this change comes back to the capacity for connection - the ability to be in relationship with self and others.

And that is exactly what we are here to support you in.



Our Mission

FUTURE-READY NOW! connects people to their unique purpose and develop unstoppable leaders with the passion and capacity to create an inspiring future.

Is This For Me?

What Others Say About Us

There are real problems in the world, that we want to help, and that the way to help is to really show up. Leaders are needed and, well, that’s us!

Their model of leadership is about awareness of our own present experiences and even how others are experiencing us. It is listening, discovering, encouraging others and moving ideas to action. It is not directing, as if you have all the answer, but it is also not pretending to be smaller than you really are. Activities in the program and debriefing sessions, made this fascinating and real. I could understand and experience how my leadership was, or was not, working in our activities.”

Brian Hicks Product Management

“Through being taken out of my comfort zone I was able to active parts of me that are normally suppressed and produce ideas, demonstrate knowledge, and work as part of a community with deep industry knowledge and higher purpose to create cutting edge concepts ready for activation.”

Valeria Kholostenko Partner Development and Growth

“FUTURE-READY NOW! was a wonderful way to meet incredible leaders, learn about societal trends, and recenter myself as a contributing individual in the world.”

Ileana Betancourt Marketing Manager

“Great introduction to becoming a future shaper.”

Manuel Manga Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“Tirza and Philip create a safe environment to be inspired and provide tools to get you to action.”

Marymoore Patterson Global Innovation Consultant

“Tirza and Philip at FUTURE-READY NOW! have a deep understanding about the challenges leaders face in the 21st Century. Join them to be prepared, your team and your board will be grateful.”

Laszlo Karafiath Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Creative Coach

“Managing corporate innovation starts with leadership training. This training allowed me to be more aware of different perspectives – my own as well as others I work with. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a leadership position who needs to learn how to deal with constant change.”

Paul Tran VP Partner Development, Brightidea

“Thank you for the workshop; it was everything that we are aspiring to be as a company.”

Peter Schrager CEO

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and alongside you. Thank you for sharing your powerful presence and insights!

Katharine Hargreaves UX Design & Strategy

It was a privilege to take part and be able to absorb this wonderful information and I feel blessed to have such conscious and ambitious teachers.

Christopher Caplan Media Strategist