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A number of our leaders are very interested in the overview effect, in how space travel can actually provide the context for changing our impact on the planet by changing our perspective.  Both of our recently profiled leaders Ray Podder and Dr. Felix Hoch, as well as FRN member Sebastian Straube from Berlin are all […]

Leader Profile: Dr. Felix Hoch

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Facilitating innovation and change processes. Doctoral thesis about interdisciplinarity and method integration. Professional training as integral business coach and in Design Thinking. What are practices keep you future ready? To answer this, the preliminary question “What will the future be like?” has to be asked. I see three general features: it will be complex, fast changing […]

Leader Profile: Ray Podder

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Synthesizing art, innovation, science, regenerative economics and evolutionary strategy towards serving the highest quality of life for all life.   What are your practices for keeping yourself future ready? The main thing that I do is practice presence. Our thoughts have a way of misdirecting us; the fastest thing in the universe is the speed […]