We train leaders to create exponential impact in a changing world.

Our immersive FUTURE-READY NOW! (FRN) workshops are an inspirational and educational environment for generating breakthroughs in your capacity to lead.

You will practice new ways to be more creative, generative and collaborative in all that you do. You will have the opportunity to embody the capacities needed to build teams that create at the velocity of change. You will discover techniques to clarify your personal passion and generate real actions to make your passion come true.

You will leave this life-altering experience with the tools for immediately creating grounded solutions and breakthrough innovation.


This is NOT For You If

You are a casual observer and not ready to invest yourself to start doing.

You are content with the way things are. You have no interest in the future and don't expect it to be too different from today.

You don't have an open-mind for a paradigm shift to leading from possibility and responsibility.


This Is For You If

You seek greater sense of purpose and achievement.  You are looking to develop a powerful vision for yourself and your impact.

You are ready to invest in yourself to create the future you want to see. 

You know our world is ready for change. You feel called to create it. You also know you get to step up your game in order to make that happen.


FUTURE-READY NOW! is not for everyone. To see past what is long enough to create what can be, requires commitment.

FUTURE-READY NOW! is for those who want to have a bold impact and are committed to developing themselves.

When we choose this path, we commit to being vulnerable and courageous.


The purpose of our training is to develop leaders capable of imaging a thriving planet and working at the scale, velocity, and commitment required to get us there.  FRN will call you to a bigger game and give you the tools you need to play it well.




We are a team of dedicated leaders, innovators and futurists. We are obsessed with connecting, scanning the future, focusing on solutions, and acting in integrity. We practice what we preach and each training is as much our learning experience as it is yours.


Tirza Hollenhorst

Tirza spent her career at the intersection of entrepreneurship, talent development, and ecology. After completing degrees in Biology and Environmental Engineering, she researched social-ecological interactions on 5 continents.  She co-founded an international network for corporate social responsibility and was an early pioneer in social enterprise.  As an event producer and facilitator, she has led thousands of people through educational and transformational experiences. She is known for her integrity, honesty, deep insights, and her ability to support others in connecting to their highest potential.

tirzahollenhorst.com · @tirzalyn


philip horvath

Philip has helped organizations design and automate processes that enable teams to operate, relate, and innovate for over twenty years. He has worked with startups, non-profits and Fortune 500 organizations ranging from education to entertainment, and fashion to finance; from bootstrapped new ventures to multi-million dollar projects.  Combining that with decades of experience in yoga, meditation and transformational Psychology, he provides frameworks and operating metaphors to support leaders around the globe in their personal evolution, in growing innovation capacity for their organizations, and in becoming planetary leaders.

philiphorvath.com · @philiphorvath


Crystal Huang

Crystal employs strategy and implements operations for organizations working on building regenerative systems. She has worked in variety of sectors, including public, private, and development sectors, driving strategy decisions for startups, non-profits and C-suite. Her experience in sustainability consists of resource recovery, energy management, and clean technology. She was also the Associate Producer for Charles Ferguson’s new film, Time to Choose, on climate solutions. Her passion is to inspire and empower individuals to create a regenerative world together. She believes that every single individual today is well-equipped to create a world they want to see.