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FUTURE-READY NOW! Berlin September 26


For innovation to occur, individual transformation has to take place. 

The best innovation methodology will still fail if the people involved are not shifting to new ways of being and collaborating. We can learn things from books and articles online, but to really integrate new skills requires personal interaction in a safe space of vulnerability and openness.

Our events are creating exactly that kind of space.

Our events provide participants with new frameworks and tools in an environment designed to give them breakthrough experiences, ultimately increasing their capacity to see the world in new ways and actively create thefuture.

We create the opportunity to deeply connect with each other, scan the horizon for a rapidly arriving future, focus on specific future topics, and create plans toact in order to address pressing business issues.

OUR EVENTS ARE DESIGNED FOR VISIONARY LEADERS: change-makers who understand that in order to be ahead of the curve, it is not enough to be innovative.

  • Executives facing disruption in their existing business
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to forge new paths
  • Intrapreneurs who need to lead an innovation team
  • Investors who are seeking to stay on the edge

We curate a diverse group of participants in order to create breakthroughs and mutual inspiration.



  • Deconstruct old mental models, so that they can see the present clearly and open to a future of possibility.
  • Feel empowered to create the future.
  • Integrate information from disparate sources so that they can stay on top of what is important.
  • Practice using a scalable innovation process, not just a new thinking tool for managing rapid evolution.
  • Confidence to lead their team in creating a new future, now.
  • Connection to a global community of powerful peers.




Frame 22Cannot wait till the next and would love to support in any way I can.” – Dani Van de Sand, Growth Strategy and Business Development, FRN01 Los Angeles

It was a privilege to take part and be able to absorb this wonderful information and I feel blessed to have such conscious and ambitious teachers.” – Christopher Caplan, Media Strategist, FRN01 Los Angeles

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and alongside you. Thank you for sharing your powerful presence and insights! I’m excited to see how Future Ready Now grows and wish you many adventures in the months to come.” – Katharine Hargreaves, UX Design + Strategy FRN01 Los Angeles

You and your team are very inspirational and I was very happy to participate in Future Ready Now.” – Kristine Galli, President of Brand Development, FRN01 Los Angeles

Thank you for the workshop; it was everything that we are aspiring to be as a company.” – Peter Schrager, CEO, FRN01 Los Angeles



Tirza Hollenhorst

tirzaTirza spent her career at the intersection of entrepreneurship, talent development, and ecology. After completing degrees in Biology and Environmental Engineering, she researched social-ecological interactions on 5 continents.  She co-founded an international network for corporate social responsibility and was an early pioneer in social enterprise.  As an event producer and facilitator, she has led thousands of people through educational and transformational experiences. She is known for her integrity, honesty, deep insights, and her ability to support others in connecting to their highest potential.

Philip Horváth

philipPhilip has helped organizations ​design and automate processes that​ enable teams to operate, relate, and innovate for over twenty years. He has worked with startups, non-profits and Fortune 500 organizations ranging from education to entertainment, and fashion to finance; from bootstrapped new ventures to multi-million dollar projects.  Combining that with decades of experience in yoga, meditation and transformational Psychology, he ​provides frameworks ​and operating metaphors to support leaders around the globe in their personal evolution, in growing innovation capacity for their organizations, and in becoming planetary leaders.


Felix Hoch

Speaker Felix HochFelix Hoch Ph.D. is facilitating change and innovation processes since 2010. Studies in biology, religion, japanology and philosophy in Munich and Tokyo. Doctoral thesis on interdisciplinarity and methodological integration. Felix is a certified integral-systemic personal and business coach (ICF) and Design Thinking facilitator (HPI). Founder of OVERVIEW Process, a reasearch project trying to apply immersive media, Theory U and Deep Ecology process work to planetary leadership education.