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Leader Profile: Dr. Felix Hoch


Facilitating innovation and change processes. Doctoral thesis about interdisciplinarity and method integration. Professional training as integral business coach and in Design Thinking.

What are practices keep you future ready?

To answer this, the preliminary question “What will the future be like?” has to be asked. I see three general features: it will be complex, fast changing and planetary. So to me, future readiness means being able to deal with that.

Complex issues – different to complicated issues – cannot be resolved with an expert’s mind that thinks through it and then comes up with a solution. Complex issues demand practices of engaging reality in a collaborative and iterative way –like for example Design Thinking and the Theory U process – in order to get closer and closer to what is really needed for the problem or situation.

The pace of change is unprecedented and will even accelerate. Human beings are quite good at adapting to new situations. But in order to do that, letting go of the past and making a leap into the unknown is necessary. The only place where this can happen is the present moment, the now of your own mind. My personal change practice to access this place is mediation practice.

For becoming planetary there are two main practices: the first is cultivating an integral and planetary worldview, and second is building international relationships with other planetary- minded people.

What do you see coming?

The most important thing I see coming is the emergence of a new level of consciousness. In the nature of emergence, as the manifestation of formerly non-existing features and qualities, is that these are simply unpredictable. But in terms of secondary technological and societal trends and

developments I see three major changes coming that are approaching us very fast.

First, the automation of tasks by robots together with the rise of artificial intelligence will be the end to approximately 80% of all jobs and will force us to think entirely different about how to use our lifetime as human beings and how to distribute the shared resources in our societies.

Second, the discovery of life beyond planet Earth will completely change the way we perceive ourselves as a species in the cosmos.

And finally, we can foresee the development and implementation of new and better non-fossil/non-nuclear clean energy sources and our transitioning to a truly sustainable planetary Type 1 civilization (as per the Kardashev scale) that isn`t cannibalizing and plundering its biosphere.

What are you most excited about in your work?

I guess the most exciting thing about working as a coach and facilitator is being with so many different people and organizations and learning about myself and about the human condition in general. Experiencing the beauty of diversity in this way is quite a privilege. Who needs theatre or soap opera when you are coaching? It is really a cathartic work: whenever I am supporting clients I am also supporting parts of myself that are mirrored by the client. And the best thing about this is I am getting paid for it! Being able to make a living by supporting the transformation and growth of individuals, groups and organizations is just amazing. Another aspect is the opportunity of being in constant contact with a future that wants to manifest. Unlike most therapy, which looks to the past, my work as coach and facilitator is about sensing and being a midwife to the client’s future. I am often literally awed in those moments when something radical new is coming trough into this reality.

What do you need to be successful?

In the order of Maslow’s pyramid of needs: first, enough sleep meaning 7+ hours a day, healthy balanced food with a lot of greens and time in nature like hiking in the forest where I can just immerse and relax my senses listening to and looking at what is happening around me.

Second, a community of people that love me and with whom I share a common vision, loving me by supporting me when I feel down, loving me by challenging me when I am too self assured or even heading in the wrong direction. And of course by having a joyful and happy time together!

Finally, my meditation practice helps me to come back to myself.