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Leader Profile: Maya Zuckerman


Entrepreneur, ecosystem thinker, cultural hacker and emerging media consultant who seeks to work on groundbreaking tech media projects and companies. Focused on the intersection of where storytelling meets technology and where the tech world meets transformational culture.

What are your practices for keeping yourself future ready?

There is an external practice and an internal practice to keeping myself future ready.  The external learning is keeping myself aware of what is coming down the pipe by educating and immersing myself in new trends and ideas.  I network with futurists, culture creators, culture hackers and systems thinkers.I also have a strong spiritual practice to keep myself centered and to keep fear from running my life.  When you are in creative mode all the time it’s easy for fear to take over. And it’s important to stay foolish and hungry.

What do you bring to the Future Ready Now community?

I bring a  systems, creative and do-ocracy approach. I know how do you get things done in a complex system rather than staying in vision. I also bring in inquiry into how do we bring new narrative into Future Ready Now and into the Future. I look at what is the old narrative and the old paradigm and how do we reframe working narrative, technology narrative, the human being narrative in order to help us move forward.

What do you see coming in the near future?

Full on disruption of a lot of the systems that run our life. It’s not just about one thing changing  – everything is going to change. Some of it will be amazing and good. We are going to see these changes because of technology, climate, and population.  If we are not agile and sustainable what is coming down the pipeline is going to hurt.