Leader Profiles

Leader Profile: Shobitha Kedlaya


Creating a role model rural community, for the villagers, by the villagers through her work with Protovillage.

What are practices keep you future ready?

Life is a paradox, isn’t it. The future cannot be predicted and yet can be. How can one be ready for what one cannot anticipate and yet, without planning or anticipating a certain outcome, we become drifters. Preparing for the future requires a complete acceptance of reality,the way it emerges, and on the other hand, creating the kind of future one desires. The future is unknown and at the same time is also a creation of our thoughts at this moment. I have found myself dreaming about a certain future and I see that magically it materializes. There are situations which emerge which I can no way anticipate, yet in hindsight a pattern appears. I was told by a wise man once, react appropriately when you have to, be responsive ( see patterns and use your intuition to see what could possible emerge) and be creative – create the future of your choice. So I prepare for the future by putting aside my fears and limitations and dreaming about an ideal world.

What do you see coming?

I believe that in the future, people will be forced to change the way they live. There will be a planet where humanity will override religion, love will override greed and lust and man will accept that he is part of nature and so interlinked to it, that destruction of nature, will be destruction of mankind. All technological advances will be for the creation of a better world. The social fabric will be rewoven and communities will become stronger. People will learn from failed systems and will create a system that has the advantages of a community and yet will allow for individuals to self actualise.

What are you most excited about in your work?

As I type this, people are acknowledging that the current systems are not working. They now want to change the way they live but fear a new way. There are not too many demonstrated alternatives. My work involves the creation of a new kind of life based on mutualistic relationships, a deep respect for the environment and respect for individual diversity. The work is tremendously satisfying as one sees how beautiful life can be, when one lives in harmony with ones surroundings and with one another. My work also attracts the most amazing people and it has been a pleasure interacting with individuals from various backgrounds, all coming together with the question foremost in their mind “What does the universe want from me? How do I make it better?”

What do you need to be successful?

To be successful there needs to be a sufficient number of people who will tip the balance towards a world based on love rather than fear.